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    My new forum "tv talk" Empty My new forum "tv talk"

    Post by T5000 on Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:56 pm

    I have it laid out better, nice dark theme, I like the red better than the green.
    Now you probably will think too many shows, but I did the max on meta tags, and key words,in the search engine tab, so maybe we get some new people. That is one thing wetpaint did not have? for the home page.
    I made the top category network shows, 2nd cable shows, 3rd ended shows, and then movies and misc.
    @ SE I did put a link to a new script I got to darken websites, it works on every site. it is in Misc at bottom.
    I also set it up where guests can post, will see how that goes, so you guys can post without signing in....I think.

    At Tscc I would like you to post some images & links, there just to test out can I see them ok, but the ones not showing look like they were posted with the eagles script at wikifoundry, as that is the url.
    so are you using his script here or did you copy and paste from wikifoundry?
    Posting images hosted by wikifoundry is not a good idea, as if that is down would they still show?

    A;so some of the shows there I may delete or move to a lower forum later, but there are several new shows , which may or may not be worth watching. GOT and WD,HAVE A FORUM TOO in the cable section.
    so check it out and let me know what you think.
    The one thing I forgot was a general discussion so I will add that now as a category, right below the the ended shows , tv shows 2.

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